You’re welcome to read a book in our English like garden, with unsuspected silence, to enjoy the summer sun or the snow which only here, has remained like in the old times.


Spacious but very discreet, our interiors have impressed, over time, through the impeccable air, the sense of security and through our facilities which answer every modern need.


Bright, with vegetal accents, modern, comfortable, fully equipped, with personal care package – the bathrooms were created with the clear intention to complete the experience of relaxation or preparation for all events in your life.

Dining area

A welcoming but still private space. Warm light and accessibility. Like the scenery of the English hotels from the olden days. Each meal becomes, by itself, a celebration.


Because the first 10 seconds are crucial in making an impeccable first impression, our reception with wooden details and kind light welcomes you at all hours of the day and night.