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Welcome, dear guest!
We are waiting for you quietly, hidden, but in plain sight. In 20 minutes distance from the Grand Square, in the ticking of the ancient horologe. We, the Palazzo pension.
We opened our gates over seven years ago with one single thought in mind: to offer you the best.
Complied. Impeccable. Discreet. Always. The essence of a complete housing experience, checked over time.

About us.

About the rooms

That room. Where we stayed when...

When...we had the conference and we slept like a log the whole night.
When... there were over 35 degrees outside and the gentle chill from the rooms made me think I was in another time.

It’s the greatest affirmation we can receive and we hear again and again.
he rest warms our heart, sign that the 13 rooms are...of good omen.

Because Palazzo means 13 rooms. Designed, starting from the essence. Single, Double and Attics.
Fresh sheets, light, silence, Wi-Fi, TV.
Intimacy but at the same time staying connected to the world, naturally combining the aristocratic air and efficiency.

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We invite you to taste our delicacies.

Colors, shapes, taste, texture, the light of the dining area, the scent which fills the air, the fact that our Wi-Fi is working so you can quickly check your e-mails or upload a snapshot on Instagram: this is how you will remember our breakfast.

We promise you the freshest ingredients, a selection of chees, scrambled or fried eggs, bread and pastry, fresh juice, yogurt, fruits and cereals.

Local products of the highest quality.


Discreet, equipped and with access to Wi-Fi, we offer you the ideal place for business events: from conferences to meetings and small working sessions.



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In the heart of Sibiu.

In the heart of Sibiu. Within 20 minutes walking distance from the Grand Square. Hidden from curious glances, like a gift for those who seek intimacy, silence, the possibility to explore a wonderful and century’s old city. We are ready to conquer you!

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Let yourself be surprised by Sibiu! It is a wonderful mix of shapes, historical periods, activities, art and people. From the German air, to the Upper Town, the Grand Square and the restaurants, pubs, jazz music, art in all its forms, our bike-friendly city spreads its veins and vibrates in order to amaze and conquer you.